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Gao Jun World Champion

Gao Jun

2x World Champion


"Over the last two years, my son, my wife and I had the great pleasure of training with Jun Gao at her facility, California Table Tennis.
The facility and equipment are first rate, but what we are most impressed with is the coaching. Jun and her coaches improved our games a great deal,
and were friendly and professional. Jun's past accomplishments as a world champion influenced our initial decision to schedule coaching with her, however
it was her instruction, attitude, overall fun that we had while there that will keep us coming back. I highly recommend her coaching!" Bob V., Salem, Oregon

    "Just where am I?
  1. Senior citizens rallying before noon?
  2. Photographs of Jun Gao meeting two former U.S. Presidents at the Olympics?
  3. A level 2700 rated level coach helping a 5th grader improve his forehand drive and backhand loop?
  4. Another highly rated coach helping a senior citizen improve his reverse penhold backhand game?
  5. A Salem, Oregon high school sophomore training with an Olympian: move your feet?
  6. Challenging an International Table Tennis Umpire who still gets training?

  7. I am at the California Table Tennis Club in Rosemead, California.
    You can also have engine work done at the shop right next door!
    Seriously, training is available for all levels / styles of play." Joe B., Reno, Nevada

"Jun Gao's clinics, personal instruction, coaches, and facilities are as good as they get in the U.S.A. Her staff, and highly rated coaches,
are personable, caring, and give special attention to their students. When we visit Jun Gao's Los Angeles based Club with athletes from
our Salem, Oregon Club, we feel the friendly atmosphere of the best available coaching center in the U.S.A." Bob M., Salem, Oregon

Coach Song

Minn Song

Club Coach

Our Club is very lucky to to have Minn Song, C.A.O.M.D., as our Coach.
Minn Song honed his Table Tennis skills while growing up in South Korea.
Dr. Song now resides in Albany, with his lovely wife, and travels to Salem to help our Club.
Minn was Professor of Oriental Pharmacology during his tenure at San Francisco College of Acupuncture.
Dr, Song has coached in Koria, California, and now in Oregon. Stop by, or call, and schedule time with Dr. Song!


Stop in or call to schedule your lessons.
Beginners through advanced players
(all ages welcome).

Center 50+ - Salem Senior Center
2615 Portland Road NE
Salem, OR

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Information: Please Call 503-589-4878


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